111213It is the most incredible feeling when a thought in your mind
becomes reality. Suddenly you are able to hold it in your hands & see it with your eyes. It is your imagination that reincarnates in the real world. It is a feeling that Words can not describe. To me, it feels like a form of ultimate happiness. “Creation” is what the dictionaries
call it.

Approximately 60 people were standing in front of me. Behind me, was my squad, my crew. On the desk there were Oreo Cookies, Champagne and a Sweater called “First”. And then, there was me in-between of all this. “Words & Thoughts”, was all that was on my mind. In that particular moment, I felt like all these people I know had just created a own little world for me. I was starting to space of in it.

So I started to put my “Spaced Of”-Feeling down in German Words. I don’t remember a lot of what I said. But what I do remember is that I said: “Words & Thoughts, das ist der Name meines Modelabels”. That is what I called it. A label. A Brand. Purely created by my mind. A thought that I’ve been sitting on for almost a year, found its way to reality. With the support of my friends, my imagination became
everybodys reality.

Even though it was me speaking Words, it felt like the audience was talking to me. I had written about 70 personal cards to people I
appreciate. The cards contained my thoughts about that person. Every card became unique in itself. I meant every single word on those cards. Then all these people gave me that back. A friend went up to me and said: “Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate what you wrote on this card for me.”
Then they all came. I was speaking words, but y’all were speaking back to me, too. Not in Words, but in Thoughts. Thank you. Thank you for such great support. You made me feel like Drake on
“Nothing Was The Same.”

“Always couldn’t believe when he called me
You never know, it could happen to you

And I just spent four Ferraris all on a brand new Bugatti
And did that shit cause it’s something to do”
                                             Drake, Paris Morton Music 2

Today, 11.12.13, marks the birth of “Words & Thoughts” fully
reincarnated in reality. Right now, in the real world, it is a fashion
label. But in my mind, it is already more.

Thank you for all your support and love. I appreciate it a lot. And
remember, you are awesome.

Owner of His Mind & CEO of W&T


Chapter 8 – Chapter

The past is always there, you can not remove it, nor change it.
It is constantly being created. Right now, past has been created. The second you are reading this, has past. The past is immortal. You can not remove it.  

The past doesn’t exist, its is not present, because we live
in the present. It is never there, it is always in the past.  

Acceptance is present. Acceptance of the past, for now.
There is always a lesson. Change happens constantly,
and so has it done in the past. Change is, and always was.
The future we can not predict, but we can always suggest.
I am sure that one can always choose to take a new route,
but one should never go back, just look back.
Look back, so that one does not forget the change of the past
in the present. The past doesn’t exist, hence it it is something
to remember. I learn from it, I gain experience.
Experiencing change, is past.
And the present is change.
The present forms both past and future.

And the future, is always the best chapter.

He closed the book. A new chapter was beginning.
At the same time, the first chapter had never ended.

Chapter 7 – Do you even know…

…that I am in love with you?


Where am I?
“Hey, wake upppp!” Far away I am hearing voices.
“Are you alright? You!!” A dark background.
There is somebody standing in the middle.
I am slowly moving closer.
The blurry picture becomes clearer.
Who the f…… Wait…I know this person.
“You…” I almost couldn’t hear myself. “You….You are…”
“You are…me!?”
I recognized the blue T-shirt.
You need to remember what you don’t know,
you need to forget what you know.”
“Dude, where the fuck am I? And who are you?
Talking non-sense is usually my part haaa. What happened?
These girls they were like…..not cool.”
“If it’s you, then it’s me. I don’t know where you are,
but I am here. In the blue of your shirt.
And that shirt came outta your -”

His eyes opened. He was lying on a green mattress. It felt like his marshmallow chair…but it wasn’t.

Damn, I already talk to myself in real life. Now I am doing that in my dreams? I was trying to tell myself something…but what?

Nobody around. No blue. No store. No table. No sexy legs.
No girl. No girls. Nothing. Nobody.

For a brief moment, loneliness overcame him.
That feeling faded away quickly. He didn’t feel alone.

Through my work and through the color I paint the world in,
I try to be honest about myself; with the people I am around,
with the people I love. Even with the people I don’t know, yet.

It was hot in the room. The humidity made things even worse.
A cold breeze that was barely coming through the only tiny vent
that the window had, was softly cooling his neck. His bed was the only thing he could see……He looked over to the left. There was a small table. On it there was a purple statue of something he couldn’t identify. Next to it there was something that looked like a phone,
but it could have been something else.

Why ain’t people honest about themselves with me?
Why do they reject my honesty and my blue?
They say they’re cool with me and my stuff.
They say they think blue is the coolest thing in the world…
…still they act like color doesn’t exist.
They don’t even have their own color…
Hold up, I can’t make that assumption;
maybe I can just not see their shirts.

He stood up from the green bed in the white room.
He ripped the tubes off that were attached to his body. BEEEEEP.
The noise would not end until somebody would come and fix it.
Now he could see what was behind the table;
there was a purple chair. He was wondering how it got there,
or who put it there; it seemed out of place.
He walked up to the chair and picked up his bright shirt.

That dream….Hmmm. Remember what I don’t know.
The shirt came outta my – and I woke up.
I think I am getting it now. Cause myself just told myself I am…
I listen to too much Drake.

“What’s important, is that I can always be honest about myself
with ME.“, he said. He put his shirt on. He took his bagpack,
and without looking back he opened the door that led to the corridor.

Do you even know? I know.

Chapter 6 – Best Behavior

The spoon was sliding through the cold ice-cream.
He raised his arm and moved the spoon towards his mouth.
Brain Freezer. It was icebear cold and his thoughts stopped for a moment. The girl was sitting in front of him at the round blue table. Same flavor.
Their eyes met briefly. She looked away. A knock at the door.

Who could that be?

Drake was bangin’ through the speakers.
Worst Behavior. How ironic.
He walked up to the door; touches the doorknob.
She looked surprised; she almost choke on the soft desert.

In the door there were standing two tall people, covered all in black.
Black shirt, black shoes, black jacket,
bright faces with a grey expression.
“Nice to meet you! I don’t run this store, the girl behind me
is responsible for the ice-cream here.
I can recommend the vanilla killa special.”

No answer. A moment of silence.

“We are looking for the guy who is leaving blue footprints next to the drums.”
“Thats is me, girls. The blue stands for the friendly sky.
For the clear ocean! What is your favourite color?”

They raised their guns. “Don’t move!”

Why does this always happen to me?

He raised his hands and walked to the table, where he picked up his bowl of ice-cream. Then he walked back to the two black shapes.

“We said DON’T MOVE”. They would be able to kill him;
in less than a second, a click and his brain would have two tunnels.

“Don’t you like ice-cream? It makes me happy.
I have seen it do magic! It makes people smile.
Come join us at the table.”

He was staring at two serious faces. Faces of an angel,
but he had a hard time believing that there were….
pretty hearts behind.

Drake: “They used to never wanna hear us!”

What does it take?  

Two loud shots, the world stopped moving. He fell down, his body slid through the room under the table.

Drake: “Remember?”


Chapter 5 – THINK COLD

At the end of the staircase. The door he opened was now closed behind him. A Long white table covered in wood stood on the left
side of the room. In the center there where chairs in different colors. All of them where red, but one. It was the chair on the right
side of the room that was shining in baby blue.

This was the ice-cream store he didn’t know he had been looking for. It was called THINK COLD. He took his bagpack and placed it on the floor between the sexy legs. Before he sat down on them,
he looked over to the white table.
The wooden surface was mostly empty. The only things that were placed on the table, were ten fingers and two hands. Ten fingers that ended in beautifully painted finger nails. French. Two hands that led to the beautiful body of the tall girl standing behind the desk.

I know her from the art exhibition. 

Since he entered the store she had been staring at him,
but he didn’t notice until she said something.

“Blue.”, she said.

“Blue.”, he answered.

He sat down on the sexy legs. From this side of the room the table and the women behind looked like a T that was turned upside down.

“What are you here for?”, she asked with a soft voice.
Soft like a finger dipped in sweet vanilla ice-cream.

“I don’t know, but I do know.”

“If you know, then stop thinking you don’t.”, she replied.
Her face was serious, even though there was not a single
wrinkle on her face. “One part of your sentence is just an illusion;
the other part is the real thing. You do know.”
Her lips were moving.

“You say that I do know what I am here for. I feel that I do know what I am here for, but sometimes I just don’t.” These were the words he spoke.

“To every know, there is a do. If you don’t do the do, then you don’t know. If you do the do, then you will know. You are sitting on the blue one. Have you noticed? The world is full of colors, still you know your own.”
Her voice was so smooth that he felt like he was touching her skin just by listening to her words.

I gotta order now!

Chapter 4 – Walking

He had left the dance floor far behind him. The sunlight was
dimmed down and the world was dipped into purple ice-cream.
He looked back only once, as his shoe soles were touching the wet stones layed out on the ground. The public place he had just left was becoming a black inkblot on the horizon. From this distance it was impossible to distinguish a person from another.

Hopefully the girl didn’t get lost on the dance floor.
A single rain drop shines bright in the light, but when it drops into the dark sea you can’t see it anymore. It appears mat and becomes part of the blue surface. 

The rain had stopped. His jacket and bagpack, which made him feel like a single rain drop, were starting to dry out. The day was coming to an end and he felt wide awake. It was this road,
The Road of Thoughts, he was walking down. He didn’t know where it would end, but he knew it was the right way. Between all the green on the sidewalk, there were drums; drums dipped into every ice-cream flavor one could imagine of.

I love walking through the painting. 

He reached a corner. The roses faded away and the grass
was greener. He crossed the crosswalk. The musicians stopped playing the drums for a moment. A moment of silence
until the new sneakers reached the border.

What an awesome bridge.
Now I need the hook….drop down…drop drop.

It started to rain again. It started the music. It started the grey.
It started the sun. It started the rainbow.


The rainbow was made out of different blue tones; tones of blue.
A blue stripe on the grey surface made the tall house look like
a sneaker. He put his right foot on the lowest step of the staircase.

Hold On, We’re Not Going Home Yet.

We Are Going Too Fast.

Hey everybody!
I hope you are doing well and life is chilling out.
A while ago I did this photography project inspired
by Words & Thoughts. Some of you may already know it,
but I thought I’d share it again on here. I often feel like
“We Are Going Too Fast” and we don’t think or talk about the things
that we feel. What I wanted to do with this photography project,
was to illustrate what we actually forget…..Ourselves.
Check the gallery out below.

Other than that, just know that Words & Thoughts will slowly start
to cover all your senses. At some point today His Mind. should
release Chapter 4 on here.

Thank you for taking your time to visit this website,
I appreciate it a lot.
Do something great today!

Until next time.

Owner of His Mind & CEO of W&T

Chapter 3 – Rain

Rain was falling down. It was hitting all the different surfaces.
Big grey pillows were flying around and trying to become white again. To brighten things up, the sky had its own special effects one would see in a club. The space was dimmed down. Loud.
Loud music came out of the big stream of water as it hit the different drums standing around.

How strange that nobody dances here.

The dancefloor was filled with people, but nobody seemed to enjoy the music. Apparently the people didn’t feel the great sound.
He had lost track of the girl he met at the train station.
Somehow the dancefloor ate her up. His jacket and bagpack were
soaking wet. He felt like someone had put him on one of those drums.

My journey has to continue.

Dancing through the rain, he managed to move forward, even though people were pushing around.
What was he searching for? Was it the girl from the train?

I need to know where I wanna go…don’t I?

He sled through the shower and reached the edge of the dancefloor. No sign of the girl. Only rain drops and rain drops.


Chapter 2 – Movement

The world was moving fast inside of the silver frame.
Everything was running fast. The little sticks were the only elements in the drawing that were standing still. They all looked the same.
Circles were moving over the drawing, over and over again.
The black snakes didn’t seem like they’d have an end.
Blue was the most beautiful color used in the picture.
It covered half of it. He seemed to be delighted by the sea color.

I’d love to change the picture up. Add some colors here and there. Pick up the brush and sign at the bottom. I can add a stick that
actually does move. It would make the world look brighter.
Brighter than the blue of the sky.

There is a point when a drawing or painting is done. When you add more stuff to it, you ruin it. He knew that. Yet the painting in
the silver frame was different. It was infinite to him.
He saw so many spots where colors could be added and the paper was still white. His hand was reaching out towards the picture.
He was wondering what the picture would feel like. As his fingertips were approaching the shining blue, his hand was suddenly stopped.
Five fingers were lying on a glass plate.

Something is keeping me from making this piece of art brighter. Everybody should be allowed to sign this painting.
It is infinite and there are many and none artists involved.
I want to touch it, I want to change it. And I want everybody to have the opportunity to change it, too. I’ll show them. By the time
I’m done, it’ll be more beautiful.

He clenched his fist as his face was making a serious expression. He was banging on the glass. He was going hard in the paint.

All of a sudden the knocking on the protected painting stopped, when he noticed a beautiful girl next to him standing up.

It is about time.

The girl was gently moving her long legs through the corridor
of silver frames. She was moving towards the door. He stood up from his seat and followed her. They were standing next to each other in front of the entrance. The art exhibition stopped,
and the gate opened. They both walked through the door, feeling each other’s presence. Their eyes met for a brief moment, as the gate behind them was closing.

It’s time for the next station.

Chapter 1 – The Room

Hey everybody! I hope you are all doing well and life is being dope. It’s crazy that February is almost over. Time is being a Bugatti,
although I prefer Audi R8 though. Christmas was there and swoosh; January was in a Porsche. Only a few days left before the BMW
leaves for the Drake concert. Damn I am excited.
So far I have only been chillin’ this year, like all the time,
but His Mind. has been doing some crazy stuff.
He told me to present this new piece of work on here.
See y’all soon.

Owner of His Mind & CEO of W&T

Chapter 1 – The Room

He was looking out of the window. The sun was coming through,
but the weather was grey. The room felt bright, but it looked dark. The streets were empty, while people were driving around
with skateboards.
Was it a good day? Was it a bad day? He didn’t really know.
3000 stones were falling on him and he felt like a feather.
His face had never seen an expression.

Me. I know who that is. That guy who goes to school, gets some grades, chills with friends and so on. Eat, sleep, talk, walk,
hear the here, see the sea. I do this thing. What would I call it?

The chair reflected the sun light. It was mat. It felt soft. Cloud 13. Some would have called it a marshmallow chair. He stood up and did a 360° view like an owl. Slowly he walked up to his radio and changed the song.
“I know you’re tired of lovin’, of lovin’,
With nobody to love, nobody, noboooooody!”
His lips were mumbling the word “nobody” over and over again. “This is some awesome shit Kanye…haaaa.”, he said to himself.

Kanye West. That fucker is a god.

He felt sad, but didn’t cry. Actually a smile made its way on his face. He looked like The Thinker that didn’t think. Wind was coming in, and it became cold for a brief moment. It seemed warm.
The song ended and the guy who had been mumbling words turned off the radio. As he was stepping out of the room,
he closed the door behind him.

I need to protect this, even if it means nothing.


Thirteen has always been my favourite number. And I also
love Fridays. This year there was 11.12.13., a Wednesday.
And there was 13.12.13., which was a Friday. Drake released
an album with 13 songs. And there was Monica.
Complete “13″ overload.

If that wasn’t already enough. There was all this other super cool stuff that didn’t have to do anything with “13″. I fell in love with
Miley Cyrus because of “23″. Pharrell did a “24″ hour music video.
Kanye West called himself a god on track “3″ of Yeezus.
My birthday was on “29″. Jay-Z had a song that was only “55″ seconds long. Drake says Versace “12″ times on Versace,
which I realized when I sang the song for the “12343″ time.
And there was a Pink Elephant.
Complete “Whatever-Number” overload.

2013 gave me great moments everyday. It gave me the opportunity to reach a new level of ultimate happiness.
Words & Thoughts born in ’13. I started out with the idea of creating my own brand while I was singing “Started From The Bottom”
in the shower. Now I can look back on 2013,
while listening to “Trophies”. And there was Wu-Tang.
Complete “Words & Thoughts” overload.

I want to thank my family for… I want to thank my friends for…
I want to thank all the music I listen to for… I want to thank all the Oreo cookies I ate for… I want to thank all the numbers that exist for… I want to thank “thirteen” for… I want to thank “2013″ for…


YOU also had great moments in 2013.
YOU had great music you were able to listen to.
YOU ate some new great food.
YOU made some new friends.
YOU watched cool movies.
YOU read a great book.
YOU found a great partner.
YOU reached a new level in a video game.
YOU laughed about a hilarious joke.
YOU bought something you have been saving your money on.
YOU found a new hobby.
YOU went to this cool party.
YOU bought a pair of super cool shoes.
YOU went to this crazy concert.
YOU spent time with your favourite person.
YOU did something you would normally not do.
YOU were happy just because.
YOU did something great.
YOU helped somebody out.
YOU had somebody who helped you out.
YOU realized that something not cool turned out to be awesome.
YOU won a game.
YOU got better in doing this.
YOU turned 18.
YOU got your driver’s license.
YOU kissed that girl you like, or you kissed that boy you like.
YOU got a cool present from someone.
YOU saw the sun rise.
YOU fell in love.
YOU sang Get Lucky.
YOU travelled far away.
YOU finished this piece of work.
YOU had this great idea.
YOU made somebody laugh.
YOU were happy.

“I told y’all mothafuckas, man, this shit is not a love song
This a doing me and only God can judge song
I do not know what the fuck you thought it was song
Pop some fucking champagne in the tub song,
nigga, “just because” song”
                                                                     Drake, Trophies

I wish everybody a Happy Happy Happy New Year! Let’s see which great moments 2014 will give us. Pop some champagne.

Owner of His Mind & CEO of W&T

What We Talkin’ Bout


Yo Everybody! :)
Time is passing by crazy fast and Christmas is already here!
I just want to wish everybody a Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas! Hopefully everybody is able to spend these cool days with family and friends.

Time to wear santa hats and to open up presents.
That tree doesn’t need em’.
Time to drink some hot chocholate while its freezing outside.
Love that feeling.
Time to share some Words & Thoughts about Love.
We talkin’ bout Christmas.

“Grown men want me to sit em on my lap
But I don’t have a beard and Santa Claus ain’t black
I repeat, you can’t sit on my lap
I don’t have a beard now get off my
                                             Jay-Z, What We Talkin’ About

Merry Christmas
His Mind.

First Thoughts

Talk in Circles Ladies and Gentleman, Pretty Girls and Fresh Boys, welcome to the website of Words & Thoughts!

You are probably here, because you got a squared speech bubble and used that QR-Code on there. Or you just got the connections and got to this page cause’ somebody cool got you the URL. (Either way, you are definitely AWESOME)

I am the mind of the person who set this all up. I don’t know what exactly that person is planning, but I believe it’s gonna be BIG. That person was talking about an announcement going to be made on the 11.12.13. You should definetely check this website that day.

So yeah, that were the first thoughts! A big THANK YOU for visiting Words and Thoughts.

Have a great day,
His Mind.